Sep 26, 2022


  • Medical and Nursing Recruitment (Pty) Ltd
  • Cape Town
Full time Health Care

Job Description

Job Details:
Responsible for the attention and care of children and adolescents in the areas of: food, hygiene, recreation and rest; as well as in the basic orientation of healthy coexistence, maintaining a warm, respectful and authoritative treatment towards them. It is important to remember their training role within the facilities. Primary functions: coordinate, fulfill and enforce the children's daily routine; girls and adolescents according to the schedule established for each activity, including: food, academic activities, personal hygiene, recreation and rest. Considering the following: children and adolescents must comply with a minimum of 8 hours of restful sleep for their correct development and cognitive well-being.

Experience with children. Overnight availability.

Lunch, dinner, snack and breakfast. Transfer from Fine Arts. Rotating schedule of 24 hours by 72 hours.

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