Sep 21, 2022

Production and Quality Supervisor

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Full time Management

Job Description

In an important mass consumption company we are looking for a Quality and Production Supervisor who is in charge of the following functions: control production process, complying with the assigned productivity and performance requirements, ensuring the standards of quality, compliance with manufacturing techniques, supply and efficient administration of materials. Inspect manufacturing lines, packaging lines, reception, sampling and inspection of raw material and packaging material, management of production control databases, registration control, loss registration, incident corrective reporting, participation in Inspections and audits, Monitoring of process conditions. Release of PT and assurance of dispatch execution. Control of material for destruction. Management indicators management. Drafting of technical reports. Conflict resolution. Survey of risks and factors of non-compliance. Control of the rate of shrinkage allowed, according to the contract and report what could affect the cost structure.

Chemical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Industrial or Food Production Engineer or related career. Minimum of five years' experience in a similar position. Domain of the Office package. Knowledge of inventories of supplies, product and Kardex (registry to control inputs and outputs). Management indicators management. Knowledge of industrial safety. Management of the Profit Plus system. Standards and good manufacturing and storage practices. Control of entry and exit of materials. Preparation and control of inventories. Control of compliance with safety standards for the storage of merchandise. Knowledge of raw material, production inputs, semi-finished product and finished product. Good packaging practices and items intended to be in contact with food. Norms and quality standards. Drafting of technical reports. Database management. Knowledge in production planning and logistics. Sampling. High resolution capacity. High analytical capacity. High numerical capacity. Results-oriented teamwork influence and negotiation. Relationship management. Conflict management. Proactivity.
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